Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

with love, one last time

09 August 2015



(for Tammy … with love, one last time)


Far too many hurtful words

from two hearts, broken.

Silently, I listen, weep.


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25 May 2015

my mind

is a point of light

scattered into

a house of mirrors

my heart

a swollen raindrop

bouncing off the surface

before Oneness is achieved

such a feeble descrption

of love.

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Update October 2014

Although I have not written anything since July, I have had one or two people ask me to reopen my blog so they could read and explore what I have written before. So, feel free to read. As always, I hope something I have written speaks to you in some small way, encouraging you, bringing a smile, or simply a nod of resonance. Comments, if any, will be monitored as I am able to do so. Take care.


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For those who shared my journey over these last four years in any way, for whatever time, I say thank you. I have decided to close my blog permanently for reasons some may understand while others will not. The last couple of months have been increasingly difficult for me as my vision has continued to fail. It is time to accept that I can no longer do this on my own. Again thank you for encouragement, inspiration, and so much more  along the way.



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04 January 2014


I improvise,

white on blue, like you,

painting moods across the sky.


I should expect,

without design,

we’d each caress

what must be left behind.


A hunger and a thirst,

a wanting in my core,

was satisfied at first,

but there must be something more.


Would you dab a bit of scarlet,

if I offered you my brush?

Must I be branded as a harlot,

what bargain must be struck?


Destitute, with nothing left to spare,

a pair of empty hands tonight,

might offer all this side of the grave,

is there anything left to even save?

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just is, barely

03 January 2014


Do not blame the bear

when she kills you for waking

her from her slumber.

Stupidity should be, but

never is, reward enough.

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on deaf ears

03 January 2014


Most do not listen

when inept storytellers,

tell a good story.

Life, and perhaps even love,

so often falls on deaf ears.

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Sonnet 14

02 January 2014


Of all the loves I’ve loved and lost,

if asked somehow to choose,

I’d contemplate a mental list,

but, name one not to lose?

It seems unkind to make such choice,

although not hard to do,

I’m sure many of them rejoiced,

to be rid of me too.

I narrowed it to two or three,

before I had a thought,

there was only one it could be,

the one who hadn’t fought.

None of the loves I lost, instead,

I’d choose to love myself again.


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nine lines

01 January 2014


Would you believe me if I told you

I could fall in love with your eyes

as they lead me to your soul?

I’d ask you for your heart,

but I do not dare

to even hope

that your eyes

might see


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