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12 June 2015


absentmindedly, she

runs fingers through hair, unaware

I seethe with jealousy,

wishing mine were hers, there.


across her lips, I admit,

my thoughts have strayed, ill behaved,

with hunger, bit, a gentle lick,

she knows not how I crave.


The way she moves, I cannot prove,

but I suspect her intent,

nothing new, she always knew

exactly what she meant.


if skin to skin, I’d begin

and never cease in pleasing,

such joyful sin, again, again,

I’d repay for all her teasing.



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12 June 2015


The gentlest flower

can coax the hardest stone to move

when it’s reaching for the sun.


A heart, needs only yearn.


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11 June 2015


I always give, always please,

almost guaranteed,

and always unselfishly,

never take, or think of me,

expect reciprocity,

hope someone might meet my needs.

My well is sadly empty,

no one cares enough to see,

for once, I wish it could be

entirely about me.


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09 June 2015

I cannot argue

because I’ve thought the same thoughts,

felt the same feelings.

Being alone’s easier,

unless you don’t want to be.

Either way I’m damned,

exhausted by the effort,

trying to believe.

hoping, for once, I am wrong;

living as if I am not.

One of these days, I

may accept my damnation,

exorcise my heart,

I’m between Heaven and Hell,

and this is worse than either.

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afternoon nap

26 May 2015

In innocence, I meant to rest,

but I could not waste this chance,

to listen to your breath, your heart,

and embrace you in this dance.

my forearm rests beneath your breasts,

my fingers softly straying,

my lips graze shoulder, back, and neck,

and murmur as if praying.

our bodies fit, a devilish skit,

so perfectly together,

while holding you, life’s storms seem few,

I can’t imagine better.

I must refrain, despite the pain,

that this nearness to you brings,

such joy is sweet, so full, complete,

my heart must silently sing.

so sleep my lady, gently, deep,

my love enfolds you briefly,

and though you wake so unaware,

these moments never leave me.

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25 May 2015

my mind

is a point of light

scattered into

a house of mirrors

my heart

a swollen raindrop

bouncing off the surface

before Oneness is achieved

such a feeble descrption

of love.

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Mostly, yes

23 May 2015


Mostly, yes, but maybe too,

with defiant, no, nevers, lurking

in the shadows of

every thought of you.


From where I’ve been,

to where I’ll never be,

mostly yes battles with

when will I ever see?


No resolution, chaos rages on

like a melee inside,

longing extinguished

by dark doubts, and darker pride.


Mostly, yes, but maybe too,

stubborn, contentious, no, nevers,

mind paralyzing heart

with every thought of you.


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20 March 2015



On Kiawah once,

a turbulent wave

caught me unaware,

tumbling me headlong

below the murky surface.



I panicked,

swallowing salty water,

flailing and kicking


not knowing which way was up.


I still have moments,

nightmarish moments,

when I wonder,

will I drown this time,

or fight to resurface

and breathe.



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06 February 2015


When penetrated,

weathered, warm-hearted whitewash

reveals nothing but a fence


and appearances,

regardless of their purpose,

indeed, are everything.



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