Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

Yes, zombies

29 March 2014



air bubbles crystalize,

descending embellishments …

flags grappling,

hazardously in June, kite-like …

maybe no one

particularly questions rehearsing …

superstitious topics,


vexation’s wonder …


Yes, zombies!



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second letter serenade

09 August 2013


second letter serenade


falling, ever so gently, out of the

above, raindrops sing like hammered dulcimer

scraping half-haunted melodies from the inside out.

Eddies of sighs, envious eyes, and supplicating

petitions devour only the obvious, never the subtle.

If illusory, why preach the Gospel of choice

again to an unrepentant soul? “Kill ’em all,”

shouts the zealout, appearing spiritual, but who

rides for his own glory, nothing else. You and

I, Judge and Jury, quid pro quo with wicked smiles,

skeins of truth unraveling in tangled potentialities.

Almost pot holders, scarves, or blankets constantly

ameliorated, one stitch at a time.


A nervous tick mars a foolproof disguise, thieves

honor only their own, where trust is too great a commodity.

Appearances become more prized than substance,

squelching even one’s deepest desire for revelation.

Irrelevant masquerades, cleverness at charades, we dance

assuaged of guilt by mindless conformity.

Attitude, audaciousness proves legal tender,

surreptitiously we barter selling our souls and

everything we possess, whenever we feel that

twinge of somehow not keeping up with …

Except we never learn, well most of us anyway,

dying a little more each passing moment. despite

azure skies, children’s laughter, and other forgotten joys.

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Now I know my

16 November 2011

Now I know my


An aging, agnostic, amnesiac

begs brothers brandishing belligerence,

come carry cohesive consternation.

Did dumbness disable diaphanous

ends? Escape elegies enduringly,

for fashion formulates fastidious

gaps, glaring guaranteed. Generations

have hurried, however haphazardly

in icy indigo isolation.

Just jagged jealousy, jeopardizes

kelp kisses. Kangaroo kaleidoscopes

lie, listless liaisons lapidify,

more madness mollifies mahogany,

not narrow, natural narcissism.

Oath obscured, orbiting ordinary

pain, papered paragraphs perpetuate

queens quarrels quietly. Quintessential

rogue remarks reprimand. Remarkably,

sex simply scintillates. Somnambulist

tastes temples, temptations transparently

used. Ugly uncertain understatements

voice vacant vagabonds’ visionary

whims. Wasted whispering,


years. Yielding yesterdays, yellowishness


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08 February 2010


about black charcoal drawings,

elaborately framed,

generously honored,

I just know less.


Maybe new opportunities,

presented quietly,

reveal surprising truths,

unexplored visions?


Wishful exoneration,

yet zealous.

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a brazen call

05 May 2006

a brazen call


A brazen call,

dialing encores for gratification.

Haunting innuendo –

jailed, Kansas-like miles,

never-ending, oasis pantomimed.

Quizzical, Rorschach shapes

test universal viabilities,

wavering experience,

yearning’s zenith.

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A blackened cloud descends

14 December 2004


A blackened cloud descends,

enveloping fog guarantees:


Inviting, Judas kiss

leaves me nauseous.

Openly persuasive quiet

reveals secret temptations

Underneath veiled whisperings.

exit yonder –


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An angel in blue saffron

06 April 1994


an angel in blue saffron

carry yourself through the door

it is eerie flaunt your green horse

invisible jump

a king watches a lump on the moon

nine oars on a paper sea

a quiz on a rowboat

sizzle toy under your voracious window

xenon # 54

yew zinc

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