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C what I hear

17 April 2014



it’s like chipmunks chattering,

crows cawing,

the crash of cymbals,

or the cooing of doves,

it’s the crispy crunch of pizza crust,

the careening claxon of an ambulance’s rush,

the climbing clamor of a Morning Glory vine,

the cascading call of a waterfall,

or a grandfather clock’s hourly chime,

it’s like crinkly corn stalks,

corduroy caressing corduroy,

or cats clawing carpet,

chalkboard chills,

can you C what I hear?



adapted from NaPoWriMo Day 17 prompt





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shore leave

06 April 2014



six sea-less seagulls

sit in sun, squawking, screeching,

Sallie simply smiles.

She’s not selling seashells, she’s

soaking some sun – it’s Spring Break!




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A is for

30 March 2014



analyzing an

alliteration allows

anyone at all,

amateur and advanced, an

amiable art.





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27 August 2013



shadows shift, seduce,

seemingly smile so sweetly.

sister soul, seeking

serendipity speaks soft

surrender, solitude’s shame.

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