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fireside chats

24 June 2014



lightning strike from cloud to ground,

never heard a louder sound.


zapped a tree, split it in two,

charred it black, caught fire too.


sirens screamed towards the site,

flames danced higher in the night.


pouring rain could not suppress,

firemen watched it burn the rest.


it looked much worse from far away,

exaggeration had its day.


unworthy of the evening news,

but gossip spread among a few,


retelling the exciting tale,

a minnow that became a whale.



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haunted regrets

10 March 2014



I thought I’d escaped, years ago.

Do hearts ever fully let go?


Who betrayed who, irrelevant now,

and yet, you still haunt me somehow.


Ghost of a life, haunt not my dreams,

I can’t deny my heart still bleeds.


Bubbling up from dark depths unknown,

monsters call in old debts, owed loans.


Angry, afraid, I wake up in tears,

still haunted after all these years.


Have mercy, just let me forget,

only in dreams live haunted regrets.



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with a side of bacon

08 March 2014



How do you associate that with this?

What did I miss?


Your mind is too random to understand,

is that your plan,


to confuse me till I’m ready to scream?

What do you mean?


Is it meaningless, your endless babble?

My brain’s scrambled!



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08 March 2014


I don’t eat well, or often,

but this body sure has softened.


It used to be all fit and firm,

but we’re no longer on good terms.


I have excuses, ‘though none make sense,

I’m blind, but not to laziness.


I used to bike five miles a day,

stayed active in so many ways.


Losing my sight has been depressing,

I’ve given up, or so I’m guessing.


Perhaps it’s time to set some goals,

find my way back to being whole.


I should have done this New Year’s Eve,

better late than never, I believe.


Gonna be some changes in what I do,

find myself, or choose someone new.


I’m taking back control again,

it’s not too late to start a trend.



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hymn to toys and second chances

07 March 2014



new toys, new toys, new toys!

so much to learn, but oh the joy!


One more chance, one of few,

to do those things I love to do.


Writing, music, and more,

technology just might restore.


The smallest change inside,

life resurrected, and revived.



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have you considered my servant

11 October 2013

have you considered my servant …


You may take away my eyesight,

but my vision will not perish


You may take away my worldly riches,

but I am still poor in spirit


You may steal all sense of family,

but I will still belong to all


You may paint my life with despair,

but I’ll still dream in color


You may stifle joy and happiness,

but I’ll learn to be content


You may clothe me with loneliness

but I shall never be alone


You may deprive me of fairy tales,

but nothing can separate me from Love


You may sway me to lose my faith

but some things will always remain


You may steal my very life in time

but I refuse to curse God and die

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shooting craps with loaded dice

05 September 2013

shooting craps with loaded dice


one tiny part says there might be hope

while the majprity declares nope


one voice says we should still try

my gut instinct screams its cry


on one hand, I know what will occur

if I do nothing, there is no cure


the risk of not is it might be too late

but the greater risk is it might accelerate


the attempted cure could become a curse

which is the dilemma, which is worse?


To know the end cannot be changed,

or force it sooner, the choice is strange.


It’s hard not to wish for a miracle,

but the reasoning’s merely spherical.


Either way I gamble, win or lose,

but I alone must choose.

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fires of spring

24 August 2013

fires of spring


tonight we light the fires of spring,

to burn what impedes the ice from flowing


and we gather along the river’s edge

to watch the flames like a human hedge


no one speaks, we let the ice speak for us

its moans and groans echoing our own distrust


by morning’s embers, a frozen river flows

and our hearts are lighter, as if everyone knows


the long dark night before the fires of spring

is just a prelude to a new beginning

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in a relationship with

this is Isabelle

this is Isabelle

16 March 2013


in a relationship with …



It’s probably a good thing she can’t speak,

judging by some of the looks she gives me.


We’ve known each other long enough to tell

how to communicate silently well.


And she has learned to understand my words,

or at least the tone of what she has heard!


She knows just how to get my attention,

like a child acting out by what they’ve done.


She listens when I need her, cuddles too,

and she loves me no matter what I do.


We take care of one another I guess,

I love her dearly and I know I’m blessed.


To share my life with you, dear Isabelle,

means more to me than I could ever tell.

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