Purple's Platitudes

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04 June 2014



steal my vision even more,

break my spirit with despair,

but you shall never silence

my poetic soul.



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conspiracy theorists

31 May 2014



they’re fitting their own pieces

like a blank jigsaw puzzle

illustrating the picture

they want us to see.


pieces interchangeable,

something different each time

who’s right and does it matter,

no one really knows.


so lose yourself in theories

they’re entertaining it’s true

but as for me I think there’s

better things to do.



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19 April 2014



(for mom … still)


because it was expected,

and because I wanted to,

I’d wish you Happy Birthday,

tell you I love you.


each year you would remind me

but I never did forget,

and even in your absence

I still do … and wish.



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29 March 2014



My insides are coming out,

I’ve lost fourteen pounds, three days,

doctor says drink fluids, I

might have caught a bug!


should I be incredulous,

or grateful for his wisdom?

no tests, no meds, nothing’s wrong

let it run its course.


thanks for diagnostic aid,

a $20 co-pay?

excuse my grumpiness, but,

after all, I’m sick.





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white owl

25 March 2014



white owl against blackest night

I see contrast, nothing more

and yet I hear the questions

both whisper to me.



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16 March 2014



one flies a kite for the joy

of flying the kite, not the

glory of holding the string

as others see it.



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music & lyrics

04 March 2014



a hauntingly beautiful

melody which needs no words,

but I would still like to write

my heart into yours.



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gonna getcha

23 February 2014



“the rhythm is gonna getcha … ” Gloria Estefan



Muted distant drumming calls,

familiar, forgettable,

like heartbeats in passion’s throes —

the rhythm of lust.



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Life Jacket

15 October 2013

Life Jacket


I’m becoming dependent,

a drowning man’s addiction

to that which keeps me afloat,

when my strength is gone.


Almost effortlessly, I

am carried along, drifting

aimlessly, and yet, never

reaching any shore.


I fear exhaustion, or worse,

resignation to my fate.

If I remove what saves me,

how long till I drown?

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