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08 March 2014



Study until you are

completely knowledgeable.

Our desires,

taut and vibrating;

enthusiasm is everything.

Find that weak spot,

break that guitar string.

When a problem comes along,

we trifle, like

we must be apart.

Limits? Set none, like nature.

The rest will be easy.


(written for Friday’s Threesome)



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I found Ray

26 February 2014



Hi, my name is …

and I live in New York with,

(well, no one).


My (ex) wife,

she’s … with the house

and the kids

and everything.

Honestly, I don’t know how she does it.


My … year old daughter, and her … year old sister,

and my parents (don’t) live across the street.

My brother lives (somewhere).


Now, not every family would …

but mine does, because

everybody loves …



a found poem from the opening monologue to Everybody Loves Raymond, for Creative Bloomings INFORM poetry prompt



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Rules & Regulations

05 July 2005

Rules & Regulations (a found poem)


          children must be –

remove shoes before

no jumping!

     no climbing!

children should not

children must be

          under four feet

over three years

                   into the playplace

in the ball pit

       on the equipment

to play

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