Purple's Platitudes

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01 September 2013



with unrehearsed steps, I pace the aisle in darkness

each bitter breath condemning the child to darkness


the song she sings so innocently during play

reminds me of another beguiled by darkness


we meant to chase the sunset hand in hand once more

our words like hard to swallow vile whispered darkness


sweet grass gently sways, an invitation to dance

although unaccompanied, I smile through darkness


a bridge to memories begins to slowly fade

I peer for awhile into the foggy darkness


free and unbroken, I ran simply for the joy

long before I knew fears waited in wild darkness


But who is like God, declaring let there be light,

in the end will I be put on trial for darkness?

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19 September 2006

Ghazalled (nefariously homophonic)


Weaving, believing – be living

and breathing; heir in, air out


A tree um, grows – knows, architectural

design, roam an entrancing space …


the final front ear … location, location

a key, pad locket too Brutus? Cutest!


Tee sing, total leisure, pun sir fun duh meant all

Thee sore us, beef ore us, a drag in.


Drag on! (or off) in pink, instinct

smell evade or, feather/father/weather.


butte reign insane falls Maine lee on deplane

witch flies in sea, sons of four, get full nest.

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