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Poor poor Isabelle

11 March 2013

Poor, poor Isabelle


Poor, poor Isabelle,

tortured each morning at dawn,

birds, inches away,


singing, fluttering,

so close, yet so far away,

poor, poor Isabelle.


Birds, oblivious,

Tail-swishing, growling, huntress

is tempted to pounce!


The birds ignore her,

but I am not so amused

by clawed up curtains!


Yelled at and punished, each morning is hell

for being herself, poor, poor Isabelle.

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An occasional thief

02 December 2011

An occasional thief


I should have learned so many lessons from

a penny’s worth of stolen bubblegum.


My mother marched me right back to the store

to confess, then pay by sweeping the floor.


Stern Mr. Sutton kept me terrified,

a young, impressionable boy of five.


As I swept, he lectured on right and wrong.

I’ve never forgotten, the lesson was strong.


But in this world there’s not just black and white.

I guess I’m still a thief sometimes. Despite


them saying all’s fair when it comes to love,

a penny’s worth will never be enough.

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