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we share our stories

27 September 2013



we share our stories


for acknowledgement,

for approval,

to brag,

to belong,

for commiseration,

for community,

for connection,

to encourage

for empathy,

to entertain,

for exaggeration,

to honor,

for insight,

in judgment,

for justice,

of loss,

to manipulate,

to memorialize,

to protect,

to remember,

for resonance,

for response,

for support,

to teach,

for understanding,

for validation,

for wonder,


for these, and so many other reasons,

we share our stories.

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17 September 2013




23 reds

20 greens

19 blues

16 purples

14 oranges

11 browns

8 yellows

2 grays

2 coppers

2 blacks

1 white

1 gold

and 1 silver.


So why does my box

only come with 64 colors?





[A study among American adults, discovered that the scent of a crayon is only less recognizable than coffee and peanut butter]

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a darker shade of pink

06 August 2013

a darker shade of pink


light, not green, nor yellow,

or district, and in the face,

seeing, angry associations,

my love is like a … rose,

for roses are, my love,

at night, sailor’s delight,

like sails in the sunset,

delicious, as in apples, or watermelon,

means stop, like the sign,

or passion, heat, fire, hot.

A childhood game, though not

Simon Says, of rubies and lips, or wine,

fire engines, warning, like sky

in the morning, and Valentine’s,

eyes, get the … out, Visine,

nonstop flights, errors,

the dreaded F at the top of your paper,

or the bottom line, being in the …

What’s black and white and … all over?

And blood. Or the Sea. Lipstick on your collar,

stilettos and lingerie, or meat, rare,

coincidental proximity of associations.

That dot on the map that says:

You are Here.

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as Congreve said

01 August 2013

as Congreve said


"music has charms"

some bass lines, (Another one bites the dust)

guitar riffs, (Walk this way)

certain guitar solos, (Hotel California)

a select few drummers (Neil Peart)

passionate solo piano, whether it is

labeled New Age (David Lanz)

or jazz (Diana Krall)

even some classical pieces,(theme from

The Young and the Restless ??)

emotional vocals,(Martina McBride/Independence Day)

well-crafted lyrics in any genre,

certain styles of electronic music,

mostly where less is more, (Robert Rich)

skill on almost any instrument

as long as it expresses something

more than mastery and technique,

"to soothe a savage breast."

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hazards and giggles

06 July 2013

hazards and giggles (aka Ouch and Ooops)


uneven sidewalks

low-hanging branches

a pile of dogshit

DOGS! (as in unleashed and less than friendly)

CATS! (ok, just kidding about them)

walking under pigeons

Wet Paint

banana peels (again, just kidding, so far)

foul ball at a softball game

seven foot iron angle giraffe sculpture

(conveniently located smack dab in the

middle of the already busy, overcrowded sidewalk)

trying to find a seat on a dark shuttle bus

after coming in from bright sunlight —

"Excuse me, do I look like Santa Claus?"

leftover mud puddles, you know, the ones

that could almost swallow a truck

drivers who parallel park on the sidewalk first

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18 May 2006



white front door, white whale

white kitchen linoleum, white lilies

white refrigerator, white oven

white stove, white toaster

white Formica countertops

white sheetrock walls, white ceilings

white lace curtains over white blinds

white commode, white porcelain sink

white medicine cabinet, white roses

white tile surrounding a white bathtub

white toilet paper, white paper towels

white lights, white lies, white carnations

white hypnotic highway lines, white teeth

white wedding gown, white leather sofa

white snow, whitecaps on the turbulent water

white socks, white underwear, white shirt

white fluffy clouds in a sky of …

white keys on a piano, white chocolate

white rabbit, The White House, white flag

white sugar, white flour, white rice

white milk, white chalk, white doves

white eggs, white pearls

White Elephant, White Tower

white magic, white witch, white wine

white–collar worker, White Lady,

White Man’s Burden

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I breathe

06 May 2006


I breathe, walk, drive, read, watch TV

I see, talk, make the bed, get dressed

I hear, drink, swallow pills, go to church

I taste, play bass, watch the sun set

I touch, cook supper, wash dishes

I smell, clean the bathroom, mop floors

I sleep, sit, stand, sing, dream, play guitar

I eat, sneeze, burp, fart, hiccup

I pee, shit, vomit, have sex, masturbate, ejaculate

I hike, ride a bike, swim, canoe

I write, take photographs, watch people

I play piano, shower, shave, brush my teeth

I itch, pick my nose, look and lust

I analyze, write songs, make a wish on falling stars

I go to therapy, Mcdonald’s, the library

I die.

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