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21 February 2014



Fifty degrees today,

long-sleeved shirts put away in faith,

which may be a mistake –

too soon for tempting Fate perhaps;

she’s cruel with her last laugh.

If today is just flash in pan,

I’ll try to understand,

to see the tempting hand,  the tease,

as Winter’s “by your leave”,

as if he even needs dismissed!



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19 February 2014



“It was a pleasure to burn … ” Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury)



I reached into the flame,

it should have burned or maimed my flesh.

Am I just cursed or blessed?

Perhaps my heart’s enmeshed in stone?

I’m different and alone,

my isolation’s grown once more.

I’m tainted to my core,

outside a closing door it seems.

No matter what I dream,

all hope, desire, and schemes will die.

I’m not afraid, but why

can’t I be purified by fire?



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think Spring

19 February 2014



The snow relents, now ice

has threatened flooding twice this week.

The weather is so bleak,

it’s all we hear and speak about.

Sometimes I have my doubts,

Winter’s on its way out. I think,

perhaps, we’re on the brink?

Spring’s coming soon I think, I hope,

I’m trying not to mope,

at the end of my rope, THINK SPRING!



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19 February 2014



I’d like to see your smile,

the memories that I’ll forget,

how you looked when we met,

how beautiful, and yet you changed.

It’s true, although it’s strange,

forgetting is insane, but time

shelters both heart and mind.

I guess it’s being kind, but still,

you’d think I’d had my fill

of pain, those bitter pills we took.

Anyway, one last look

before I close the book at last.



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dark eyes

19 February 2014



She isn’t speaking, still

I know somehow, she will listen.

If she is ready, then

I’ll know where she has been someday.

That dark place she has stayed,

how she has been so brave to fight,

whatever demons might

have whispered day and night their lies.

I will not be surprised

when life returns to eyes so dark.



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