Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …


18 May 2014



purple’s too pale, more like lavender;

but darker shades I cannot see.

Afraid to change appearances,

I pretend that all’s the same.

No one notices me,

soul behind these words,

back on display –


for my






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05 March 2014



“you look across the fruit and flowers,”

uncomfortable with silence,

but she’s avoiding your gaze.

Such beautiful colors,

reflected in tears.

Flowers wither,

fruit will spoil,

like love




(written for the Wednesday Challenge, at Jeremy Farmer’s blog)




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you know who

01 March 2014



He’s come to me at different times,

as if there’s something on his mind.

But, he just stares silently,

then leaves without a word.

I am not afraid

of his return,

but someday,

he will




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true colors

17 February 2014


“You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small
But I see your true colors”




I am not Ansel Adams mind you,

I cannot see the beauty in

black and white surrounding me.

Maybe it’s just Winter,

nothing but these shades

of nothingness,






tend to

become small,

see what I want.

I miss blues and greens,

yellows, reds, oranges,

and my favorite, purple.

Anyone can learn how to see,

but sometimes we lose sight of ourselves.



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nine lines

01 January 2014


Would you believe me if I told you

I could fall in love with your eyes

as they lead me to your soul?

I’d ask you for your heart,

but I do not dare

to even hope

that your eyes

might see


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a phone call at midnight

24 August 2013

a phone call at midnight



phone call

at midnight,

to say goodbye

to those that she loved

leaves me shaken to tears.

Was it some kind of cruel joke?

But no, it was her voice I heard,

even though she’s been dead now for years.

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30 July 2013



silhouette against the setting sun,

details lost to shadow and form,

all I meant to do, undone,

as nightfall steals the warm.

In time, we all fade

to memories.

Who’s to say

we’ll be


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that’s just batty

06 July 2013

that’s just batty



could be,

I’m perfect,

I never sleep,

I’d almost suspect

I’m a vampire except

I’ve been staked in the heart, yet

the facts I just have to accept:

I love garlic and hate biting necks.

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getting No where

04 July 2013

getting No-where


More No’s, not even Maybe’s or Yes

and I’m not supposed to argue

out of utter frustration?

Where is the compassion?

Does anyone care?

Don’t answer that,

it won’t change

how I


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