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25 April 2013



Perhaps it is for the best, letting you go,

although it’s hard when you lose more than a friend.

After the anger and hurt, somehow I know,

we’ll understand maybe why it had to end.

In some ways, you’ve given me a chance to grow,

to uncomplicate my heart so it can mend.

You’ve made it possible for my love to flow

towards possibilities instead of ends.

I feel like I can finally love someone

with all of my heart, not just a part of one.

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And if not

23 April 2013

And if not


Why is this so complicated to love you?

How could something so right ever be so wrong?

I understand other things in life intrude,

and only certain puzzle pieces belong,

but for real, true, genuine love shouldn’t we

conquer whatever challenges we might face,

overcome anything eventually,

always believe that together there’s a way?

And, if not, I still do not know what to do

because I cannot ever stop loving you.

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13 April 2013



I love you, she says, and I still feel the same,

I push, she pulls away, but neither wants to

both of us know there’s really no one to blame

her reasons are sound, it just hurts that they’re true.

And both of us know we were meant to connect,

for a time, in this place, even fall in love,

and neither would say there are any regrets.

though the memories will never be enough.

I stare at our words and just sit here and cry

I love you, I say, knowing this is goodbye.

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I loved you this morning

12 April 2013

I loved you this morning


I loved you this morning and nothing has changed,

but other emotions have managed to rise.

I loved you this morning, perhaps this is strange,

but I’ll love you no matter what you decide.

I loved you this morning, but sometimes the pain

overshadows the love I hoped would survive.

I loved you this morning, an undying flame,

and love isn’t something I’ll ever disguise.

But love must always choose what is for the best,

even when the heart disagrees with the rest.

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Lingering Questions

09 April 2013

Lingering Questions


Can love choose to let go and break someone’s heart,

if it sincerely believes it’s for the best?

Wouldn’t it have been better to never start

than to let love grow and face this painful test?

Isn’t love stronger than what tears us apart?

Is it wrong or right, black and white, or No, Yes?

Can it be that simple to just say goodbye?

Was love really love or just another lie?

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09 April 2013



I’m sorry I missed you, although it’s not true,

I still miss you each moment we cannot share.

As hearts intermingle, this Oneness from two,

this separation becomes too much to bear.

I’ll not deny my heart longs to be with you,

nor hide my pain at how distance is unfair.

I will not condemn this yearning for your love,

you know these moments will never be enough.

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