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25 January 2012



Hardened, fallow ground, tilled to possibility,

Enriched by exposure to sunshine, gentle rain,

The field is ripe for cultivation once again.

So much begins from the potential of a seed,

Yet nothing grows without struggling against some weeds

So I toil from dawn to dusk but never complain

Because I believe that nothing is done in vain

And we reap what we sow has always worked for me.

I never lose my innocent awe as things grow

From seed to sprout to bountiful harvest at last.

I’ve learned the value of patience, to take things slow,

Knowing the rewards of hard work are unsurpassed.

Such simple wisdom we should never outgrow,

For the fruits of our labor pass away too fast.

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14 December 2011



The irony is, the harder I fight,

the less chance I have of becoming free,

the more I struggle, the deeper I’ll be.

With every moment panic fuels my fright,

safety, just out of reach, but still in sight.

I need to be calm, but instinct drives me

to survive, prove superiority,

as if to declare, life is my birthright!

But arrogance will not free me from this,

nor force, when tried against a stronger foe.

The irrational must not be dismissed

when faced with drowning in the undertow.

In surrender, I avoid the abyss,

which goes against everything I know.

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Sonnet IX

30 November 2011

Sonnet IX


What used to be should have been left behind,

But I carry it with me, even now,

Because letting go is harder somehow.

I have yet to learn how to be unkind

To ghostly memories which haunt my mind.

Releasing them is for the best I know.

This present moment is mine to allow,

But to see sometimes, we must become blind.

It is difficult to have faith and trust,

Old habits are habits for a reason,

But to intentionally choose I must

Commit the ultimate act of treason.

As with all new things, in time, I’ll adjust

To be in harmony with life’s seasons.

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Sonnet VI

02 November 2011

Sonnet VI


The comfort of my routine keeps me sane.

I prefer the familiarity

Of going through the motions regularly,

the same old same old, without any change.

Yet, this very existence is my bane,

A clever disguise, unfortunately,

That covers up my nonconformity,

Almost a need to go against the grain.

Perhaps it’s fear that keeps me stuck like this?

Obstacles can always be overcome,

What courage would I need to change one thing?

Who knows what habits I might never miss

Or what new things I might have never done

Help me let go of that to which I cling.

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