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05 November 2006


     Walking the tracks,

     stepping from one tie to the next,

     staring down at my feet.

     A teetering balance:

     steel infinity – before, behind …

     just keep moving, even

     after the fall.

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Hornby Park (Fall streambed)

Fall streambed

Fall streambed, Hornby Park

  This only runs in the Spring during the Winter melt, otherwise, I have never seen water in it or tracked the dry bed back to any source. When it is filled with runoff though, it is about six feet wide to give some scale to the picture. Contrasting this picture with Alignment also displays another interesting facet of Hornby Park. While hiking the small trail I pass through two or three, very distinct types of woodland growth.

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Hornby Park: Alignment




A favorite hiking destination of mine … quiet, usually secluded, except during hunting season, a great place to just listen and take everything in. Hornby Park.

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