Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …


15 April 2013



wild tiger lily

as humanity parades

roadside audience

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15 April 2013



this conflagration

purifies my heart and soul,

like no other fire

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some assembly required

30 March 2013

some assembly required


I do not care what the instructions say,

this part and that simply won’t fit that way.

They’re incompatible I’m telling you,

wishing it otherwise won’t make it true.

Yes, I am angry, emotions laid bare,

I do not care.


I don’t have the patience I guess to see

beyond process to possibility.

I question and argue and complicate,

destroying what I am hoping to make.

Maybe that’s why I don’t get anywhere —

I do care.

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22 March 2013



Bleary-eyed, barely rested, 4 AM,

just another typical night for me.

I know it’s pointless to go back to bed,

after all, dawn’s just a few hours away.

This is my quiet time, to think, to write,

fueled by the words of so many others.

My well is full, I draw from it deeply,

hoping to pour myself out on the page.

I claim my journeys, both inside and out,

and I never tire of asking questions.

I know I’m no different than many,

yet I’m absolutely unique as well.

I paint with words, a little at a time,

never quite sure what the canvas will be.

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If you happen to find Nemo

19 March 2013

If you happen to find Nemo


close your eyes, listen —

lampost seagull serenade

imagine the waves,

taste the salty tang of air,

bask in the warmth of the sun.


dig into the sand,

see the far off horizon,

and let go for once.

these moments are limitless

like the ocean within us.

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22 August 2011



I stretch and expand,

seemingly moving away,

but I am anchored in you.


I know how it feels,

distance is an illusion,

an elliptical orbit.


At times, we are close,

we need more togetherness,

emotional connection …


but we also need

space and time to be ourselves,

separately and apart.


We must learn to trust,

handle our disappointments,

our unmet expectations,


hold on to our love,

learn to open up and share,

and stay committed to us.


Perhaps there’s a point,

where we break if stretched too far,

or worse, someone just lets go


but I am not there!

I can only hope that you

haven’t reached that point either.

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