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03 July 2015


Each hero embarks, the quest like a fire,

to answer the call, fulfill the desire,


Ambiguous meanings tease mysteries

with plans within plans, like tangents to seed.


Journey’s a process, uniquely designed,

dross from the gold, discarded, refined.


The Grail is the same, ‘though different for each,

learning is subtle, not so what we teach.


No followers unchanged, regardless who leads,

no ground left fallow, no Truth unreceived.


Be strong, take courage, so many before,

dared ask the questions, created the lore.


Each of our stories, the journeys we live,

enlarges the mysteries, and the myths.


Heroes are those who go and return,

changed by the journey, by what they have learned.


We still need heroes, there are debts we still owe,

to all those who went so we too might go.


My journey’s in words, but what will yours be?

Be someone’s hero, be yourself, simply be!


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I asked

30 June 2015


The Oracle said I should get to know me

but each time I look the mirror image flees

I’ve turned on my Shadow, trying to see,

but caught naught even a faint glimpse of me.


I’ve asked every question, answered a few,

sought the opinions of anyone I knew,

from the outside in and inside out too,

I’m afraid it’s impossible to do.


I’ve studied the theories, walked every path,

tried science, religion, Hell, even math,

but knowing myself I simply can’t grasp,

(methinks the Oracle may have just laughed).


Beginning, and End might all be the same,

and knowing myself, a game to be played,

perhaps the Oracle shouldn’t be blamed,

I asked the question, I kindled this flame.



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I dream of

30 June 2015


I dream of endless Fridays,

where we’re loving in the moment,

not rainy days of doubt and fear,

when love’s destroyed by inner torment.


I dream of soft and tender touch,

when fragile words need not be said,

when our hearts released from what once was,

bravely speak the truth instead.


I dream of understanding why,

our worlds are never black and white,

of living in the in-between,

two idiots, together, sharing life.


I dream not of perfection,

eight or nine good days out of ten,

but through each moment life will bring,

you’re simply with me where I’ve been.


Too often castles in the air,

breed nothing but fairytale dust,

but I dream with eyes wide open,

choosing still to believe in us.


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12 June 2015


absentmindedly, she

runs fingers through hair, unaware

I seethe with jealousy,

wishing mine were hers, there.


across her lips, I admit,

my thoughts have strayed, ill behaved,

with hunger, bit, a gentle lick,

she knows not how I crave.


The way she moves, I cannot prove,

but I suspect her intent,

nothing new, she always knew

exactly what she meant.


if skin to skin, I’d begin

and never cease in pleasing,

such joyful sin, again, again,

I’d repay for all her teasing.


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12 June 2015


The gentlest flower

can coax the hardest stone to move

when it’s reaching for the sun.


A heart, needs only yearn.


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11 June 2015


I always give, always please,

almost guaranteed,

and always unselfishly,

never take, or think of me,

expect reciprocity,

hope someone might meet my needs.

My well is sadly empty,

no one cares enough to see,

for once, I wish it could be

entirely about me.


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09 June 2015

I cannot argue

because I’ve thought the same thoughts,

felt the same feelings.

Being alone’s easier,

unless you don’t want to be.

Either way I’m damned,

exhausted by the effort,

trying to believe.

hoping, for once, I am wrong;

living as if I am not.

One of these days, I

may accept my damnation,

exorcise my heart,

I’m between Heaven and Hell,

and this is worse than either.

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afternoon nap

26 May 2015

In innocence, I meant to rest,

but I could not waste this chance,

to listen to your breath, your heart,

and embrace you in this dance.

my forearm rests beneath your breasts,

my fingers softly straying,

my lips graze shoulder, back, and neck,

and murmur as if praying.

our bodies fit, a devilish skit,

so perfectly together,

while holding you, life’s storms seem few,

I can’t imagine better.

I must refrain, despite the pain,

that this nearness to you brings,

such joy is sweet, so full, complete,

my heart must silently sing.

so sleep my lady, gently, deep,

my love enfolds you briefly,

and though you wake so unaware,

these moments never leave me.

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25 May 2015

my mind

is a point of light

scattered into

a house of mirrors

my heart

a swollen raindrop

bouncing off the surface

before Oneness is achieved

such a feeble descrption

of love.

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