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true colors

17 February 2014


“You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small
But I see your true colors”




I am not Ansel Adams mind you,

I cannot see the beauty in

black and white surrounding me.

Maybe it’s just Winter,

nothing but these shades

of nothingness,






tend to

become small,

see what I want.

I miss blues and greens,

yellows, reds, oranges,

and my favorite, purple.

Anyone can learn how to see,

but sometimes we lose sight of ourselves.



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me you us

29 March 2013

me, you, us


I struggle with my own history,

knowing that the past is the past.

It shouldn’t ever matter,

For I am who I am

and I’d love to share

my journey through

with someone

like you.



we can

begin to

write Tomorrows

together perhaps,

as collaborators,

co-writing our own story,

an interwoven tapestry

that reflects who we were and will be.

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To another poet

06 March 2013

To another poet …




me to think,

to dream, believe

in the power of

words, something I had lost

in my personal silence,

doubts, and self-pitying darkness.

Thank you seems inadequate at best.


But that’s the magic of connection,

the value of community,

the passion of kindred souls,

whose only bond is words,

the expression of

your heart and mine.

So thank you,



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Bearly Winter Blues

09 December 2011

Bearly Winter Blues



just cold,

no snow yet,

a few flurries,

a dusting perhaps,

the calm before the storm.

I know what is coming soon,

snowing, blowing, drifting winter,

two or three months of weather I hate.

Every year I declare the same thing:

this will be the last one I endure,

but it is just wishful thinking.

Maybe I am getting old,

feeling my aches and pains?

I’ll just hibernate,

a growly bear,

until spring

cheers me


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to know

16 September 2011

to know



do not

know myself

as well as I

think I do sometimes,

but, then again, sometimes

I know myself better than

I even thought I knew myself.

Yet, there’s always something more to learn,

more questions, waiting to be answered,

an insatiable need to know

more than the superficial,

to go deeper than most,

chasing my shadows,

claiming the Light

and Darkness



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14 August 2011




normal –

in my thoughts

I still feel lust,

desire, attraction,

arousal, fantasy …

I’m willing to give pleasure,

with passion, touch, and affection,

but I cannot give you more than that.

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Wrong size

30 March 2010

Wrong size



yes, I

really am

the center of

the whole universe

and everything does

revolve around lil ‘ol me!

Sorry, was just trying it on,

wondering how it would feel on me.

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30 March 2010





clouds obscure

blue skies and sun,

grayish threat of rain,

imminent, any time,

as if controlled, or held back,

waiting for permission to start …

The same could be said for the weather.

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Red, Orange, and Yellow

09 December 2004




and Yellow,

then Green and Blue,

Indigo follows,

finally Violet.

We add, subtract, mix and match,

We talk of value, shades, and hues,

(at our best we merely imitate)

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