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touch not my soul

27 July 2013

touch not my soul


Supple, subtle, soft, lips on skin,

teasing, tasting tongues, born to sin

willful, wanton, wiles coaxing me

hurried, honest hands, roaming free

anxious, aroused, ache once again.


burning, beast-like, bold eyes begin

craving, clawing, chained imprisoned

groaning, gasping, grind, you’re the key

touch not my soul


flaming, fingers, feel soul within

lustful, longing, looks unveiled, thin

yearning, yielding, yes, give, receive

passion, pulsing, pure hungry need

swirling, selfish sex cannot win

touch not my soul

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everyone dreams

25 July 2013

everyone dreams


Everyone dreams, perhaps to escape,

of an idyllic island getaway,

two palm trees, a hammock strung up between,

no deadlines or responsibilities,

nothing at all to intrude on this day.


A quaint bamboo hut for some place to stay,

a few natives to cater to me all day.

clothes could be optional, picture the scene?

everyone dreams.


Paradise sounds good, what price would we pay,

as if we could afford it anyway?

Reality always does intervene,

because Life is just cold and cruel and mean,

and nothing ever really goes our way

but everyone dreams.

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24 July 2013



Well, now I know, painfully so,

burns to be in the status quo.

Life’s a beach, so flippantly said,

until we’re scorched and turning red.

Is fitting in worth all this woe?


It wasn’t smart to be exposed,

we never think about that ‘though.

Life is not like a tanning bed,

Well, now I know.


I bought into the social code,

it’s subtle, ev’rywhere I go.

You keep up, try to get ahead,

fit in, belong, follow where lead.

Life is crazy and just for show,

Well, now I know.


(written for Poetic Blooomings)

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