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06 December 2011



Tempt me with a kiss and beautiful eyes!

I fear I might fall into some abyss

and never find my way out, otherwise,

tempt me with a kiss.

This desire is too strong to just dismiss.

Will this temptation lead to my demise?

I have never wished for something like this

and I’m certain one kiss will not suffice.

So if I surrender and taste your lips

and drown in bliss before I realize –

tempt me with a kiss.

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I say that now

05 December 2011

I say that now


I would have waited for you to see

not ev’ry thing is complicated.

If it was meant to be, I believe

I would have waited.

I won’t deny what we created,

it wasn’t meant to hurt or deceive,

the rules of love are not dictated

by our human rationality.

I must conclude we were frustrated

by what we assumed could never be.

I would have waited.

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