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like a caterpillar’s conundrum

27 February 2014



I wish there was a magic pill sometimes

to change my life,

a magic wand, or gods I could implore,

an ancient lore,

a secret that no one’s ever told me

that could change me.

But there’s no shortcuts to the other side;

you’ve gotta climb.

The hardest path is always the way through,

it’s sad but true.

There’s no one who can change me from without.

It’s all about

me choosing to do whatever it takes.

Make no mistake,

the only real changes come from within.

And that, my friend,

is the hardest thing we will ever do,

begin anew!



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Necessary Escape

15 March 2013

Necessary Escape


I walked to Post Creek to listen awhile,

left with a smile.


Soothed, relaxed by the gentle, gurgling stream,

know what I mean?


Birdsong soundscape, accompanied by wind,

refresh my mind.


Nature is a necessary escape

to recreate.


My world is too noisy, too hectic too,

how about you?

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10 March 2013



I just know, sometimes without knowing why,

never rely.


Some people just can’t be trusted at all.

There’s this strange wall,


It’s as if I can see what can’t be seen,

(not to be mean).


Can’t explain it, it’s just something I sense,

their false pretense.

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Oh grow up

06 November 2011

Oh Grow Up


I feel like a thirtysomething

at forty-eight, but who’s counting.


Age is just a number you see,

not some rule for maturity.


I am judgmental towards some

who try to force me to become


like them, old and living to die

when I am still so much alive.


I’d rather have a child-like view

that embraces life and stays true


to who I am, not who they say

I should be, how I must behave.


You can act your age if you must.

I’m fighting the return to dust!


Life offers as much as we choose

to intentionally pursue.

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