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13 September 2013



my black cat never crossed my path

it knew better,


with glee I stomped on sidewalk cracks

so watch your back


I sought ladders and ran under

still I wonder


I used to break a new mirror

each seven years


salt shakers were always spilled too

it didn’t prove


nothing ever happened to me

Friday thirteenth


superstitions still make me smile

once in awhile


I disregard the unexplained

I’m not afraid


I doubt that that will ever change

but life is strange

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speak of love

03 September 2013

speak of love


some hearts can speak of love they’ve known, of love

that’s yet to be,


some hearts can speak of love that is, of love

that’s still alive


some hearts can speak of love almost, of love

that was just dreamed


some hearts can’t speak of love at all, of love

that was denied


some hearts do all of this and more, for love

is poetry.

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20 August 2013




I wish I possessed a convertible,

a life I mean


I want to put the top down, feel the breeze

and free my soul


turn up the radio and sing along

drive just to drive


enjoy the view, the sun’s warmth on my face

the openness


if it rains, I can cover up again

and hide inside


yes, if only life were convertible

just imagine

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parting thought

07 July 2013



parting thought



I could wish you well on your way to Hell

as my farewell,


I should be upset, and full of regrets

we even met


I should speak my mind, be mean, and unkind,

but not this time.


I have never been one for bitter ends

or poison pens;


so I’ll just let go, accept it, although

why I don’t know.


It’s better this way, to just walk away

nothing to say.

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07 July 2013




I do not see,

but someone insists so adamantly,


you remind me,

you know, of that famous celebrity


not exactly,

but close enough that you could almost be


you must agree

there is a certain similarity



I think the resemblance is uncanny


names escape me,

but I guess you know who it is I mean


and probably,

you’ve heard this a million times already


yes, stop it, please,

it’s hard enough sometimes resembling me.

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18 June 2013



Don’t pity me,

I blame no one else for this tragedy.


Yes, sure I grieve,

so much has been lost which can’t be retrieved.


Somehow I’ll learn

to accept that which cannot be returned


and once I do,

I’ll rediscover the power to choose.

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