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I must forget

11 July 2015


I must forget, I scold myself severely,

yet, although I understand myself quite clearly,

I find that it is impossible to do.

The more I try, the more I think about you.

I have prayed through a litany of techniques,

old, tried and true, or fanciful and unique.

If only I might be absolved of this debt –

I must forget.


My mind, at times, seems so easy to distract,

my heart a bit more difficult to retract.

I simply cannot understand this at all,

it shouldn’t be this hard to erect a wall,

impenetrable, and never brought to mind,

let no thought of you ignore my Keep Out sign.

Perceive no choice, nor promulgate regret –

I must forget.



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23 June 2014



I’m addicted, not physically, but still

it’s like a fix, a drink, a shot, a pill,

that validation of another soul,

without it I do not believe I’m whole.

Inside I’m so completely conflicted,

I’m addicted.


I’m insatiable, need a little more,

a victim of this habit-forming war.

I can’t get clean, my soul inked on the page

no longer is enough without the praise.

That first applause, I wish I’d resisted,

I’m addicted.



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so they say

28 March 2014



so they say, in whispered fingerprint swirls

in my heart’s dust touched by innocent girls,

words unforgotten, still echo through time,

gently caressing in manner sublime,

as if proving yet, you’ve not lost your way,

so they say.


what we leave behind, we rarely forget,

love’s ghosts return in unguarded moments,

her sweetness, a kiss, eyes laughing, her tears,

her touch still felt, after all of these years,

we’ll always be haunted, the price we pay —

so they say.



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just believe

26 March 2014



Just believe against your persistent doubt,

that someday, somehow, good will come about,

that happy ever after fairytale

by faith, will beat the odds and you’ll prevail,

you do deserve more than you have received

just believe.


We love, we hope, so much remains unseen,

it’s hard sometimes to hold on to your dreams.

But hearts may die if they live in the past,

who knows what could be, might be, as long as

you don’t give up, be willing to receive,

just believe.



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08 September 2013



I’m often asked if I would ever try,

to resurrect the faith I have denied

It does no good to argue or explain,

no one listens, their answers are the same.

and my salvation seems to be their task,

I’m often asked.


I’ve learned that silence seems to suit me best,

for unlike some, I hold no disrespect

I’ll not refute what you hold to be true

remember that I once believed it too.

I care not to pretend to wear a mask,

I’m often asked.

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08 August 2013



Should I be offended, that up until now,

my neighbors disliked me and spoke just for show?

But now that I’m moving, they’re friendly, concerned

intent on discovering all they can learn.

it took seven years for ways to be mended,

should I be offended?


Of course it is true that it all works both ways,

but the change is so sudden, I’m simply amazed

offers to help, never once mentioned before,

I will be missed though no one’s knocked on my door.

so all along my acceptance depended,

should I be offended?

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isn’t it obvious

30 July 2013

isn’t it obvious


Isn’t it obvious? It is to me,

love inspires both good and bad poetry.

Whether we are falling head over heels,

or seeking the death penalty, it’s real.

we write what it’s like to simply be us,

isn’t it obvious?


From flirtatious looks to undying pledge,

wishful thinking, to eternity spent,

nothing else gives us quite so much to say

whether it works, or goes badly astray.

Love, or the poems we’re envious of?

isn’t it obvious?

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So why complain

22 July 2013


So why complain



So why complain ’bout anything at all?

I might as well be talking to the wall.

Nothing changes, nothing is ever done,

I’m treated like I am the only one

who is bothered, and probably insane,

so why complain?


No one listens to anything I say,

I’m just an ass who likes to hear my bray.

I guess my expectations are too high,

I thought your rights were just the same as mine?

But I am not allowed to ask for change,

so why complain.

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04 July 2013



I must confess i am unrepentant,

there’s no excuse, I will not defend it.

Think what you will of me, I just don’t care,

sometimes our burdens we alone must bear.

But it’s not guilt which puts me in distress,

I must confess.


If I’m unclear, please try to understand

I’d not ask forgiveness from any man.

I must speak my Truth, and write what I feel,

my crimes are rhymes and trying to be real.

I seek no absolution, I digress

I must confess.

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