Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …


09 June 2015

I cannot argue

because I’ve thought the same thoughts,

felt the same feelings.

Being alone’s easier,

unless you don’t want to be.

Either way I’m damned,

exhausted by the effort,

trying to believe.

hoping, for once, I am wrong;

living as if I am not.

One of these days, I

may accept my damnation,

exorcise my heart,

I’m between Heaven and Hell,

and this is worse than either.

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13 July 2014



what do I do when

the love I have always had

no longer exists,

and I do not mean love for

someone or something, just love?



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why we cry

25 June 2014



tears fall silently,

it’s our soul that must be heard,

which is why we cry,

from the quietest sniffle,

to the most heart-wrenching wail.



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in silence, in words

01 June 2014



“Preach the Gospel always; if necessary use words.”

(Saint Francis of Assisi)



I’m a realist,

painting only what I see,

blindly imagined.

abstract, impressionistic,

but never far from the truth.


dry-brushed reflections,

a visionary palette,

canvassed, beautiful …

I flow within the living,

speaking with or without words.



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01 June 2014



panic-stricken clouds

an ancestral herd instinct

driven to gather

attraction creates the storms

the wolf we fear lies within.



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as simple as

28 May 2014



just saying hello,

choosing to be more open,

expecting nothing.

a gift given and received,

and we’re both better for it.



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26 May 2014



I never asked you

to drown in my memory,

you know I can’t swim.

Helplessly, I watch and wait,

there is nothing I can do.



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19 May 2014



it’s Monday again,

life frantically continues,

go through the motions.

I pause at flowering pear,

inhale, and almost forget.



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25 April 2014



steady, soaking rain,

no rhythm in the droning,

wordless prayers answered.

as needful as the earth’s thirst,

I am also blessed.



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