Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …


22 February 2014



Wooden pier,

leads out into the sea,

so far that I could almost forget,

where I came from, and even who I used to be.

But, like all journeys, one must return,

to some place,  some time, and





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31 July 2013





I sat down

on a bench for awhile,

in between the things I had to do.

For a moment, I had nothing to do at all,

nowhere to be, and nothing to say.

It felt strange, which just made

me feel sad.

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25 July 2013



tree hugging,

and wildflower smelling,

oh, and whistling along with the birds,

skipping, dancing, and joyfully carrying on

as if I was still young and carefree.

I need more than just the


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