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22 March 2013



Bleary-eyed, barely rested, 4 AM,

just another typical night for me.

I know it’s pointless to go back to bed,

after all, dawn’s just a few hours away.

This is my quiet time, to think, to write,

fueled by the words of so many others.

My well is full, I draw from it deeply,

hoping to pour myself out on the page.

I claim my journeys, both inside and out,

and I never tire of asking questions.

I know I’m no different than many,

yet I’m absolutely unique as well.

I paint with words, a little at a time,

never quite sure what the canvas will be.

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Sonnet VIII

17 November 2011

Sonnet VIII


If I could take the time to truly see,

would you let me learn who you really are

inside and out? And if I could be still

enough to listen, would you trust me

with your unguarded thoughts and true feelings?

If I could believe in you, even when

you struggle with your own doubts and questions

would you dare to share your hopes and your dreams?

If I could understand what your needs are,

whether spoken or not, would you let me

grow in my ability to meet them?

There are so many more ifs that I could list,

but if I could love you like I want to

I would not have to tell you how I would.

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En Passant

09 November 2011

En Passant


It took awhile to learn the basic moves,

like the knight, castling, and then en passant

and to learn that each move required thought,

consideration of call and response.

With experience, strategy began,

planning aggressive attacks, but also

the wisdom of defense and position.

Then came studying puzzles: Mate in 5,

and analyzing games, my own mistakes,

as well as emulating the masters,

memorizing openings and looking

farther and farther ahead to winning.

I will never reach Grandmaster Level,

but chess has taught me so much about love.

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