Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …


06 February 2015


When penetrated,

weathered, warm-hearted whitewash

reveals nothing but a fence


and appearances,

regardless of their purpose,

indeed, are everything.



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yeah sure, whatever

09 June 2014



morning greeted me

most enthusiastically,

I, unwillingly agreed.



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always was

15 April 2014



tiny little blip,

caused hours of frustration,

Mother Nature’s power trip.


power’s been restored,

my world is alive again,

birds sing, their world always was.



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03 March 2014



I am a student

of myself, others, the world,

but I never graduate.


there’s always homework,

and daily quizzes and tests,

but I only grade myself.


I’m always learning,

no snow days or summer’s off,

something new every day.


always taking notes,

reading, watching, listening,

but I don’t mind being schooled.



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the in between

21 February 2014



It’s the balancing

that is frightening, because

nothing is ever equal.


Chaos and Order,

the battle between, defines

our existence and purpose.


Life’s in the warring,

the incessant back and forth,

when neither wins or loses.


None can understand,

none appreciate either,

without embracing them both.


I fight, unworthy

of loyalty to either,

yet condemned to treason both.



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crisp and tender

15 February 2014



Beyond cinnamon,

freshly peeled apple slices,

brown sugar and all the rest,

baked to perfection,

we created memories,

whose aroma never fades.



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13 February 2014



I have splattered words,

shooting others in the back;

no witnesses accuse me.


I’ve maimed and murdered,

both in spirit and in truth,

whether spoken, or just thought.


“As a man thinketh … ”

I convict and sentence me

to think about what I’ve done.



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13 February 2014



I dwell in the vague,

in murky uncertainties,

hoping someone will visit.


For conversation,

or silent companionship,

my soul is an empty chair.


But, expectations,

like refreshments, can grow stale,

and candles burn down waiting.


Door’s closed, curtains shut,

by lamplight, an empty page,

reminds me how I came here.



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love is understanding

10 February 2014



You understand me

sometimes. I understand you

sometimes. Do you understand?

Sometimes. You do not!

Sometimes, I don’t understand

why you don’t understand me.

I understand, but

sometimes, try to understand,

I wish we both understood.



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