Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …

I dream of

30 June 2015


I dream of endless Fridays,

where we’re loving in the moment,

not rainy days of doubt and fear,

when love’s destroyed by inner torment.


I dream of soft and tender touch,

when fragile words need not be said,

when our hearts released from what once was,

bravely speak the truth instead.


I dream of understanding why,

our worlds are never black and white,

of living in the in-between,

two idiots, together, sharing life.


I dream not of perfection,

eight or nine good days out of ten,

but through each moment life will bring,

you’re simply with me where I’ve been.


Too often castles in the air,

breed nothing but fairytale dust,

but I dream with eyes wide open,

choosing still to believe in us.


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