Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …


18 May 2006



white front door, white whale

white kitchen linoleum, white lilies

white refrigerator, white oven

white stove, white toaster

white Formica countertops

white sheetrock walls, white ceilings

white lace curtains over white blinds

white commode, white porcelain sink

white medicine cabinet, white roses

white tile surrounding a white bathtub

white toilet paper, white paper towels

white lights, white lies, white carnations

white hypnotic highway lines, white teeth

white wedding gown, white leather sofa

white snow, whitecaps on the turbulent water

white socks, white underwear, white shirt

white fluffy clouds in a sky of …

white keys on a piano, white chocolate

white rabbit, The White House, white flag

white sugar, white flour, white rice

white milk, white chalk, white doves

white eggs, white pearls

White Elephant, White Tower

white magic, white witch, white wine

white–collar worker, White Lady,

White Man’s Burden

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