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ABC award

21 February 2014



Robin, at witlessdatingafterfifty.wordpress.com nominated me for an ABC (awesome blog content) award, but as I have stated before, I do not usually accept or pass along these awards. However, I do enjoy the assignments that accompany them sometimes, so …


A = analytical, I think about everything (too much)


B = blind (legally not totally yet) … sympathy/pity hugs are always welcome J


C = creative, my one, self-indulgent positive affirmation about myself


D = dichotomous, there are always two, or more, sides to everything I think, feel, am …


E = mc … no, never mind, ummm … encouraging, I love seeing the best in others and coaxing it out


F = fussy LOL, I like what I like (see S)


G = genuine, I think I am WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)


H = humble, although others would probably say I am simply not self-assertive, or that I discount the positives whenever I am complimented


I = inquisitive, I love asking (and sometimes answering) questions.


J = jazz lover? jasmine, juniper, ummm … jangly, Jurassic, what begins with J?


K = Krakatoa erupted on my birthday (well, technically it began the night before, but the big boom was on my birthday)


L = last male to carry the family surname


M = melancholic by nature, INTP, a 4/5, Virgo, mischievous miscreant … M*A*S*H lover


N = needy, in a I don’t need anyone or anything kind of way


O = omniscient, omnipotent (out of my mind?)


P = platitudinous?


Q = quizzically quaint


R = rebellious, not overtly, but in immensely subtle ways


S = stubborn! (brays like Baalam’s donkey)


T = tremendously terrific … oh wait, that whole humble thing, nvm


U = ubiquitous … not really, I just like that word


V = Vogon (if you don’t get that it’s all right)


W = wanderer, at least in spirit, always have been


X = xenophobic? (how about xcentric?? No, huh?)


Y = YYZ used to be one of my fav songs to play on bass


And finally …


Z = zooish (as in I belong in a zoo)


… now I know my ABCs, perhaps you know a little bit more about me.

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