Purple's Platitudes

nothing but words …


22 February 2014



Rubber-coated backless bench,

a street light UFO,

still cold enough to see my breath,

I’ve nowhere else to go.


I perch and listen to the night,

her secrets she won’t tell,

we respect each other’s right,

to silence just as well.


I don’t need distraction, noise,

I’d rather just sit still,

such rarity, this simpler joy,

an oft-forgotten skill.


Comfortable with my own thoughts,

a gift I don’t deny,

most of the battles I have fought,

were won or lost inside.


But pauses and the space and time,

to look into one’s soul,

get lost in busyness sometimes,

we lose sight of the whole.


River ice loudly bumps and grinds,

like me, it grows impatient.

Must I keep moving all the time?

It’s such a costly payment.


Everything in moderation,

such simple, wise advice,

both action and contemplation,

define what I call Life.



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