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Update October 2014

Although I have not written anything since July, I have had one or two people ask me to reopen my blog so they could read and explore what I have written before. So, feel free to read. As always, I hope something I have written speaks to you in some small way, encouraging you, bringing a smile, or simply a nod of resonance. Comments, if any, will be monitored as I am able to do so. Take care.


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For those who shared my journey over these last four years in any way, for whatever time, I say thank you. I have decided to close my blog permanently for reasons some may understand while others will not. The last couple of months have been increasingly difficult for me as my vision has continued to fail. It is time to accept that I can no longer do this on my own. Again thank you for encouragement, inspiration, and so much more  along the way.



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at what I left behind

14 July 2014



Darkness used to be my playground,

before I was afraid,

silence, my land of Make Believe,

a place I often stayed,

words, my imaginary friends,

before we were betrayed.


I long for how things used to be,

but innocence is gone,

too much has changed without, within,

this emptiness is wrong.

I’ve lost my way, lost who I am,

unsure where I belong.


I was content with nothing else,

back once upon a time,

I desire that simplicity,

which now I cannot find.

Forever, I am looking back

at what I left behind.



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13 July 2014



what do I do when

the love I have always had

no longer exists,

and I do not mean love for

someone or something, just love?



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28 June 2014



morning sun minuets

as I try to regret

vaporous dreams which refuse to be held

awake I must wander

still wishing for yonder

knowing it’s lost forever once dispelled.



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28 June 2014



playing the air,

I visualize her neck,

longing for that calloused insensitivity.


My head hums,

what my fingers play,

but I’m still trapped in

practiced precision.


“Freedom’s just another word,

for nothing left to lose.”

I’d sell my soul to be free,

but holding her

was as close as I ever got.



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but, I’ll dream

26 June 2014



I dream,

of love and making love,

but I am no Creator,

nor Prophet or Savior.

I cannot create something

out of nothing,

nor predict or prophesy.

I can’t save you,

nor sacrifice me;

for love I’m not willing to die,

but, I’ll dream …



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bemuddled fuddlement

26 June 2014



This bemuddled fuddlement

must be milked like a 4:30 AM cow,

Or elongated,

like salt water taffy,

pulled and stretched to increase the flavor.

Like lifelong echoes,

flippant parental admonitions,

head-scratching koans –

“do what I say, not what I do”,

my thoughts won’t run clockwise,

or file out in a calm, orderly fashion.

It’s like fumbling to grasp a greased watermelon,

or catch my own shadow.

I flounder

like an impending shipwreck,

perpetually uncertain,

reciting the alphabet backwards,

just to stay afloat,

antsy like an impatient child

who cannot see beyond this moment

in this fog.



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why we cry

25 June 2014



tears fall silently,

it’s our soul that must be heard,

which is why we cry,

from the quietest sniffle,

to the most heart-wrenching wail.



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